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  • What’s Ahead?

    One of my favorite movie quotes is from The Sound of Music, “Reverent Mother always says when God closes a door he always opens a window somewhere.” I don’t think God closed any doors on me, I ceased my online yarn business of 15 years completely by my own free will, yet I do have the desire to stay connected with the little world I had with that business and that is what you have landed on here.

    A little information about me. I am a 50something who has always needed to have projects in the works, whether they be sewing, knitting, decorating, gardening, cooking. You get the picture, mostly homemaking and “women’s work” type activities. I write that with the upmost of pride, I believe these are very valid and needed contributions to family life and society on the whole. For me, life can become dull without them. I enjoy the learning and mastery of techniques and mostly being inspired by other’s beautiful work. That being said, I am a little shy about sharing my own work, but I am going to work on that now that I am a blogger.

    Currently I am working on a wool Chanel style jacket and a self designed top down yoked sweater. My most recent FO (finished object) is a rope bowl that I did some applique machine embroidery on. I was incredulous that I could successfully embroider on the rope, but it went as smooth as could be and I am currently pondering the details of my next attempt, which hopefully I will document and share a bit of it here.

    2022 begins tomorrow. Today I “pull the plug” on and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that my heart is a bit heavy at that closure. I started it when my children were at that very busy stage of middle and high school and I wanted to be there for them and not miss out. I have nothing but gratitude because for the most part, it worked out exactly as I had hoped. My children are grown now and it’s time for something new.

    Is it too early to think about Easter?